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Turning in my Fulbright application! and other updates

So, I turned in my Fulbright application on October 8.

*champagnes bottles popping*

After endless drafts and many, many sessions with tutors and advisors, my application was as good as I could make it. So, nothing else to do but turn it in. After all, if I looked over my essays one more time, my head was going to explode.

I would just like to heap praise on the Agnes Scott College Fulbright advisors. Charlotte Artese, the program director, is ballin’ in every single way and kept us all on track and ahead of the final deadline (apparently, the Fulbright website’s server crashed last year with all the last-minute submissions, a fate which we all avoided). My personal advisor, Willie Tolliver, listened to me rant and break down in his office once a week as I persuaded myself (eventually) that I was qualified for this grant and then went over my essays with painstaking detail. And a shout out to Christine Cozzens, the former program director, who pushed me to apply in the first place and continues to be plain awesome.

Compared to applicants in other institutions, we Scotties are lucky, lucky people to have this support.

I won’t find out if I made it past the first round until January (gulp) and if I do, I won’t know if I got a grant until March through June. Nerve-wracking, totally.

In the meantime, to make up for neglecting my blog, I’ve recently updated my Indonesia Resources page. Check it out! The film section, particularly, is shaping up nicely.

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