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I'm your average over-stressed Asian-American overachiever, your typical moderately talented wannabe writer, your everyday nerd with subpar social skills. I'm pretty boring really.
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Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia! Independence Day is actually on Aug. 17, but greetings from a future resident! 

Drum Roll, Please. . .

I’ve been remiss in my updates, but one month ago, I found out whether or not I am going to Indonesia. Wait for it. . .

Turning in my Fulbright application! and other updates

So, I turned in my Fulbright application on October 8. *champagnes bottles popping* After endless drafts and many, many sessions with tutors and advisors, my application was as good as I could make it. So, nothing else to do but turn it in. After all, if I looked over my essays one more time, my … Continue reading

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

It’s actually on Aug. 17, but I was busy getting ready to move back to Agnes Scott College. So, along with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, I reiterate, Happy Independence Day!

CNN takes on Ramadan in Indonesia

A short yet comprehensive piece of journalism from CNN. They took Ramadan and the higher prices of food in Indonesia during this period and used it to examine the country’s thriving economy and the potential pitfalls (inadequate infrastructure) that could slow it down.

Indonesian Arts and Culture Reviews: A Look at the Film Merantau

The Fulbright advisor at Agnes Scott College suggested to us Fulbright applicants that we try to immerse ourselves in the arts and culture of our intended countries by reading its literature, listening to its music, and watching its films. Indonesian movies, unfortunately, are in short supply in my part of the USA, so I, naturally, … Continue reading

Crimes of the Dutch in colonial Indonesia

I stumbled upon this short video about the discovery of a photo album with pictures of the execution of Indonesians by the Dutch during the colonial period.  One of the things that strikes me about the video is that the commentators note that the pictures of the execution were not arranged in any special way; … Continue reading

The smoking Javanese orangutan — no, really

So, in other off-kilter (yet serious) news from Indonesia,  zookeepers at Satwa Taru Jurug Zoo in Solo, Java are trying to help one of their four orangutans quit smoking.  No, really. Tori, who is 15 years old, has been smoking for about a decade. According to reports, she learned to imitate smoking by watching people, … Continue reading

“Look, a baby rhino!” and thinking about the “Third World” as portrayed by Western media

I should talk about very serious issues, like the recent sinking of two boats crammed with refugees en route to Australia from Indonesia or the frenzy over new banking regulations or the continuing controversy over the production of palm oil or the “Internet atheist” who was jailed and fined for “spreading religious hatred” or the Sumatran … Continue reading

So, about Indonesia. . .

To start off with on this grand textual, visual, and aural pre-tour of Indonesia, I’m going to refer to some basic stats from the ever-useful CIA World Factbook. Enjoy! Official Name:  Republik Indonesia or Republic of Indonesia Government Type:  Republic Chief of State and Head of the Government:  President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono National Symbol:  Garuda (mythical … Continue reading

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