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“The open road”: On Traveling Alone

“The open road is a beckoning, a strangeness, a place where a man can lose himself.” –William Least Heat Moon Before I came to Scotland, I was chatting with a coworker who spent the previous year in Northern Ireland about her extracurricular travels, to Nice, to Bath, to London, to Glasgow, to other places I … Continue reading

Venice: “La dolce vita”

Italy remains magical even the second time around, especially colorful Venezia. Whether wandering by the canals, eating a slice of pizza the size of my head, or going to Easter Mass in a tiny church where the liturgy I am intimately familiar with is transformed into the unfamiliar in the musical Italian language, this country, … Continue reading

Paris: “La Vie en rose”

Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en rose” ran continually in my head (and on my lips) while I was in Paris. Literally “life in pink,” the phrase means something akin to seeing life through rose-tinted glasses. Certainly, Paris to me was like that, even though we waited in the most and longest lines for various attractions. … Continue reading

Amsterdam: Bikes, canals, and pancakes, oh my!

Amsterdam was a revelation to me. Before spring break, while I was interested in Amsterdam, I wasn’t as enamored with the idea of being in it as I was with, say, Paris or Venice. Amsterdam is not the stuff of which gauzy, Hollywood-esque dreams are made. After all, the only movie I can think of … Continue reading

At the “Birthplace of Harry Potter,” which has a surprising number of elephants

In Edinburgh, I saw Harry Potter’s birthplace. Sort of. When two friends, Bekah and Aubrey, and I decided to visit Edinburgh last Sunday, we put The Elephant House, the café where Rowling wrote the early Harry Potter books, on the list. Of course, we got lost. Our map was not forthcoming about when streets turned … Continue reading

Listmania!: What I’ve learned so far in a week

1. Book tickets early! Else, you will miss getting to eat haggis (including vegetarian ones for non-sheep-lovers) on Burns Night (which is Jan. 25 and celebrates, you guessed it, Robert Burns). 2. Dancing at the cèilidh (Gaelic social gathering) requires the most amazing stamina and speed. And, kilts look so pretty with their pleats swirling … Continue reading

Why one should always have a sturdy suitcase

So I made it to Scotland! Besides the jet lag and the scurrying around to get registered for class and stuff, I have been slowly adjusting to life here at the University of Strathclyde. Still, getting here wasn’t so easy. Thus, today, I will extol the importance of one thing while traveling:  the sturdy suitcase. … Continue reading

Adventures in Scottish Cookery: Scotch Shortbread

One of my ways of immersing myself in a place I intend to visit is to cook and eat the place’s food beforehand. As the adage goes, the way to my heart (and mind!) is definitely through my stomach. Since my cooking skills are mediocre at best, desserts were the way to go. The easy … Continue reading

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